Quotes from recent Ofsted Inspection 2015

'This provision is good - Safeguarding children is at the heart of the childminder's practice. The childminder and her assistant have a good knowledge of their responsibilities to ensure children are kept safe and protected from harm. The implementation of robust policies and procedures successfully promotes children's safety and well-being.  The childminder and her assistant have a thorough understanding of how to plan activities, which help children to learn and develop, based on their observed needs. Children are happy, sociable and confident, and thoroughly enjoy their time in a relaxed and stimulating home. They develop good relationships and close emotional attachments with the childminder and her assistant. As a result, they show high levels of self-esteem and security within the provision. Partnerships with parents and other early years providers is good and makes an effective contribution to meeting all children's individual needs. Self-evaluation is used well to continuously raise standards and drive improvement forward, for the benefit of children.'

Fun, Loving Family Environment


Hi, my name is Clare.  I am an Ofsted registered Childminder.  I live with my husband of 21 yrs and two boys (19yrs and 11yrs) in a detached house on the outskirts of Crewe by Leighton hospital.

My Husband is registered as my assistant to provide extra cover or help when required.

I decided to become a childminder after the birth of my youngest son.  I enjoy watching him growing up and developing as a little person.

I find being a childminder a rewarding and enjoyable experience.   

Along with my family, we provide the secure family environment that makes a child feel safe, providing lots and lots of fun through endless games, play, activities and outings and allowing the children the time to play with other children of similiar ages. 

 Its through these experiences that a child learns and develops.  These developments and momentous steps in the childs life are recorded (shared with the parents) and built upon to encourage further learning and developments.

 Clare Berry 07738109732