Working with an assistant & family

Pete and I have been married for 20 years and have 2 lovely boys together.  We make a good team in life and work, we have 100% trust in each other, especially where our children are concerned.

We welcome every child not only into our home but into our family.  Our youngest is very protective over the little ones and enjoys seeing them arrive in the morning and always asks who will be there when he returns home from school in the afternoon.

From personal experience of returning to work after having our eldest, it is not easy to leave your children with someone that you hardly know.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer that loving family environment, that we would want our own children to be a part of.  We provide a stimulating, welcoming environment where your children will feel happy and secure.


Working with an assistant has many advantages in being more flexible and adaptable to cater for your child’s needs.


When doing preschool / school runs it is not always necessary to take the younger children into the cold, wet, windy and even snowy weather that we now endure, especially if a child is feeling a little under the weather or it means interrupting their sleep or feed.

At the moment we only mind children up to school age and would only really consider school age if it is a child that has grown up with us and is already settled with us.  However, all children have different interests and by having that second person allows us to be able to tend to all interests without a child being side-lined.

We are also on hand to take your child for any appointments or clinics, i.e. health visitor, doctors, speech ………….

If your child becomes unwell then we are here to offer that additional love and attention that they may need/want.